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Our progress:

We are a company, which is based on the experience of servicing vehicles and watercrafts. Our core strength lies in the delivery of excellent service, drawn from 10 years of cleaningservicing, maintaining, repairing, upgrading and painting yachts and motorboats of all types. Trust us with those works that needs to be done every day, every month and every year, from maintenance and repairs, to antifouling removal and osmosis prevention. At the beginning we mostly dealt with the maintenance of yachts. Then we have enriched the business for repairing, upgrading and installing additional equipment to yachts. We take our tagline very seriously.

Our activity:

Service Repairs:
  • hull service repairs

  • engine service and diagnostic

  • diagnostic and service of electronic equipment

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  • engine maintenance

  • maintenance of the hull

  • yacht security

  • yacht safety

  • help at management of yacht documents

  • polishing

  • cleaning

  • preparing

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Electronic equipment and acessories

  • installation of original accessories

  • upgrades installation

  • engine swaps

  • installation of all types of electrical equipment

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