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We are a company, which is based on the servicing experience of watercrafts. Our core strength lies in the delivery of excellent service like a cleaningservicing, maintaining, repairing, upgrading and the installation of aditional equipment in watercraft. Trust us with those works , they are performed according to a system based on customer satisfaction.

Our activity:
  • engine maintenance

  • maintenance of the hull

  • yacht security

  • yacht safety

  • help at management of yacht documents

  • polishing

  • cleaning

  • preparing

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Service Repairs:
  • hull service repairs

  • engine service and diagnostic

  • diagnostic and service of electronic equipment

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Electronic equipment and acessories

  • installation of original accessories

  • upgrades installation

  • engine swaps

  • installation of all types of electrical equipment

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SS - Navigation, vzdrzevanje prevoznih sredstev, Andrej Borič s.p.


Lancovo 19, 4240 Radovljica


Tax ID: SI84699205

Firm ID: 8630348000

IBAN: SI56 1010 0005 8421 931

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