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Yacht & Equipment Upgrades:

Upgrade equipment and bring a new lease of life to your existing yacht. If you are looking for new equipment or upgrades on your existing yacht or perhaps prepare her for a long voyage or rest. We can advise you on a host of equipment that exists and help determine what best suits your requirements. We offer you a wide selection of equipment, because we have different suppliers and we are not tied to any specific and because only then can we offer the right equipment at affordable prices. We have a large selection of internal and external modifications from upgrading various systems to renovating equipment and updating existing.

  • We offer advice on a range of equipment,

  • We identify the best equipment and how it will interface

  • We buy the right equipment for your style of use.

  • We listen to your needs, your budget and then advise

Upgrade types:
  • Engines sales, swap

  • Work in plastic, wood, steel, aluminum and inox

  • Electrical and electronics work

  • Carpentry and upholstery

  • Wooden interior upgrading

  • Carpentry work and upholstery

  • Electronic repairs and upgrades

  • Fiberglass and composites

  • Marine refrigeration and air conditioning​

  • Complete overhauls

  • New component installations

  • Parts, Accessories


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